Firethorn Vineyard

Atelier Cascadia believes that inevitably a PLAN is needed...a roadmap for success that has buy-in throughout the organization and that is reviewed regularly for effectiveness. To that end, whether you are new to the wine industry, or need to re-calibrate, the Atelier offers a fresh point of view via our scalable repository of experienced wine industry professionals. Distinctive positioning is assured over time via our “wheel-and-spoke” support Team: a networked, industry savvy, professional resource.

Is this an all or none approach?

No....each project is assessed independently as to professional support desired. Regardless, of what is requested specifically....the Atelier provides a resident talent pool for realizing a given project's longer-term aspirations, thereby meeting the challenge of asset planning efficiency. 

What is my first step?

The first step is assessment.  After you submit the requested Contact Information, Steve Robertson will take that initial step with you and then makes the appropriate introduction(s) given your specific project requirements and longer-term goals.

How am I billed?

Each professional will bill you separately according to the scope, agreed upon proposal and schedule of payments.

What about legal and accounting Support?

Dependent upon project requirements. location and scale, the Atelier will make recommendations and introduce the necessary level of professional expertise at the appropriate time.