Winegrowing areas within the Cascadia region are receiving unprecedented global recognition.  Not surprisingly, the scale of wine industry investment within this region is accelerating.

Atelier Cascadia was conceived and formed to service this new reality; bringing together a diverse portfolio of seasoned wine industry professionals who can address every dimension of a project...and, where site/brand-specific ideas are realized for distinctiveness.

Based in the Pacific Northwest with an eye on the regionā€™s burgeoning wine industry, the Atelier brings unparalleled experience and collective skills to the market that can address the needs of any wine industry project regionally or globally. This powerful collective is uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of a strategic plan over time; where required resources are efficiently directed to leverage each critical step forward.   

Project goals are fully explored, and then carefully vetted, within the creative framework of Atelier experience and the client's determined brand positioning. Finally, project goals are held up to the hard light of financial considerations.

Uniquely, the Atelier is positioned as a repository of wine industry expertise. Clients benefit by having all of the necessary disciplines available from the very beginnings of a project. Simply put, Atelier Cascadia provides a unique, seamless, orderly, coordinated and managed service platform whose time has come for the wine industry.

The Atelier offers services in three separate areas:


  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Mapping and GIS Services
  • Geological Studies
  • PR and Marketing Strategies
  • Financing Assistance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Branding and Graphic Design 
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Viticulture and Vineyard Design


  • Owner Representation
  • Vineyard Management
  • Wine Production and Management
  • Design/Bid/Build, Design/Negotiated, Design/Build project delivery

Partner Relationship Matrix

Atelier Cascadia firms have a history of common wine industry projects and clients.  Some of this experience reaches beyond the Cascadia region to other parts of the globe as illustrated above.  Individual and multiple firm combinations can scale to any size project for clients that prefer single source representation.  


Atelier CASCADIA: Building blocks for your brand's success.